Friday, December 6, 2013

Random Istanbul

The weekend came and went. Even with the few hours of sleep, it went by in a flash!
It was great and there are some stories that will stay with us for the sake of our credibility :p (what happens in Istanbul stays in Istanbul!). However I collected a photographic summary of what Istanbul was for us in these short two and a half days. Also, as I've said before in another post, a picture is worth a thousand words! ;)

A good way of summing up what the city is

Fishing fishing and fishing! There is a lot of water surrounding and going through Istanbul and, apparently, lots of fish!

Mosques: the Blue Mosque and some of the other 498 857 mosques all around the city

Other random photos
To reach our apartment we had to climb a lot of stairs. In the last night, when we were already a bit tired, it looked like it was a thousand miles away.

On the boat to Asia
Pinar, the national ham brand! (joke for Portuguese speakers only, sorry)
Between Europe and Asia
The tenderness of a statue
Fish fish, does anyone want some fish?

The most common game is black gammon but we didn't remember the rules, so we played checkers
Cats, there were a lot of cats!
The rainbow stairs
They sure have a good sense of humour

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