Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Coffee time!

That was one of the big mottoes of our trip to London.
Dividing our time between visiting some areas where we would like to work or live looking for inspiration and putting that inspiration into practice by working in any coffee place we would see fit (e.g. somewhere where we could sit for some time and with wifi), there was plenty of caffeine to go around! :P

And if I think photos from the work time wouldn't be that interesting, there are some others that illustrate what gave us the kick to keep moving and, mostly importantly, that put a smile on our faces! :D

Liverpool Street Station (a possible usual stop in the future)
Old and Modern!
Only in (rainy) London we could find a store dedicated to Umbrellas!
Lego Movie + Toy Store = Cool!! :)
The Tube
Getting local with local street food
A huge M&M store! It always melts my heart (or tasting buds :P)
The horses follow us everywhere we go :P
Look at the Selfie us! :)

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