Saturday, February 28, 2015

From the sunny sea side to the hail in the city

The old part of Bari is a large contributor to the city's charm, but there were other things that captivated us. One of them was, of course, the sea front.
We missed both the sea water and the Sun! Bari gave us a bit of both. Yes, only a bit. The sky had a few clouds that covered the Sun from time to time and there was no proper beach. But there was water until our eyes could see and , when it came out, the sun was bright and warm! :)
Of course, Andre had to test if the water was actually warm/good to bathe the feet, at least. This was his face of "approval"!
The test
The "thumbs up" :p

The water was too cold! :P Maybe in Summer time we can come back and do the test again! :)
After walking a bit we walked by a fisherman area. It was a great atmosphere to witness! They were all men, of course, and most of them were talking and relaxing like someone who have finished their working day, some were playing cards, others were still opening sea urchins and others still were selling bulks of seafood (mainly already prepared sea urchins, shellfish and octopuses). I didn't see any buyers, but maybe they would come in later. 
Preparing sea urchins
Selling octopuses

But the sea... the sea was beautiful with the mini waves, amazing colour of blue and green and many birds (mainly seagulls) all around. Here are some pictures:

But the wind was turning! This should have been our sign:

After lunch, when we wanted to go around the city one last time before we picked our car, the hail  came! So hard!! And it didn't stop! Some roads were flooded and with some time to kill, we were caught using any space slightly protected that we were able to use! We even made a documentary video! Unfortunately for the English speakers the  video is in Portuguese, but you can still hear the hail!

Bari is a better place to hang around than we expected, but I have to confess that some of its charm went away with the flow of water running through the streets :P

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