Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Summer city in Winter time

Yes, I was so craving for sun and Summer-like warmth, that I wanted to go to Vieste, which is, definitely, a great place to go to in the Summer!

Well, it was February with February-like weather. And Winter is still Winter even we are in the south of Italy.

Most probably because of this, most part of the Vieste was closed down and the remaining part mostly empty. Some exceptions were the sidewalks in front of a cafe where a number of men would be standing and talking like they had nothing else on their minds (probably they didn't!). It is worth to highlight that we could only see men around, there were almost no women on sight. This seems to be the reality of a city and population that lives for the Summer. In the colder months they just hang around or stay at home as most gelaterias/cafes/restaurants/souvenir shops are closed. The old part of Vieste, despite beautiful, looked like a ghost town with no one on the streets and the buildings showing the sign of their age.

But, as with mist things, there were great upsides to this trip as well, it wasn't all cold and darkness! Really cool ones actually. After getting a deal on a room just two steps from the seaside (see photos of the view from our window) on a hotel where we were the only guests we decide asking for a good restaurant (one that would be open).

The view at sunset. The photo is terrible 'cause I was still asleep :P
This was also taken from our room but in a different angle. It was a great view! :)
The guy from reception gave us three options. Our first pick (a place by the sea) was, of course, closed!
The second restaurant though, despite our fears, was open! A huge restaurant with only a couple of tables taken. A guy that looked like the owner was waiting the tables and was, literally, dragging his feet from one place to the other. I was chivering at this time. Outside was cold and humid and inside it was not warm enough to provide instant comfort. So the feet-dragging owner, without asking anything, brought us an ashes bowl just next to our table! SO GOOD! I haven't seen one of those in many many years and had already forgotten how warm and confy it could be! That gesture together with the food that was, as usual in this trip, great put this place in our hearts for a long time!

We could stretch our arms/legs and our hands/feet with be on top of it! So warm!!

There is not much of a great nightlife in a ghost town so we went straight into the hotel. In the morning after, the Sun decided to redeem itself for some hours and showed us how beautiful this city can be! The dramatic cliffs, the color of the sea! It made us wish to come back in a bit more sunnier, warmer and busier time! :)

It was quite beautiful :)

City's bay

If you turned to one side you saw this...

...turned to the other side and saw this!
And Andre :)
Umbria forest is just nearby and it was absolutely eerie in a great way

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