Sunday, April 17, 2016

A long delayed trip!

Back in 2012, when I first started this blog I was planning for a 3 months trip (see the post The Plan so Far). Now, after getting to know a lot of travelers that go around for 6 or more months at a time, 3 months seems to be a regular trip, but at that point, 3 months looked like quite an adventure. One that I was really looking forward to! Unfortunately, for professional reasons, I had to cut the trip short to only 1 month. It was an incredible month that I have multiple fond memories (with a bit of adventure here and there), but there were a few destinations that had to be left out, destinations that I was really looking forward to!

Four years later, after a few other travels, I am one week away of  going back to the original plan and visit some of those countries that were left behind. Southeast Asia was the region that always stuck to my mind and that most fueled my dreams. So finally!, finally!, the flight ticket is bought, the jabs and medicines are taken care off and everything is ready to go!

Here is the map of the (as usual) draft plan of the trip.

The plan for the 2-week trip

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  1. Fantástico poderes retomar o plano, Ana :) Espero que cumpra (e supere) tudo o que ansiaste :D