Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting there

And the day came! With packing still to be finished I have to confess I was a bit anxious about the task ahead. It didn't look easy at first!

The task ahead
But it all fit and in the drive to the airport I knew it had begun! :)
We got to Heathrow, London, in a non eventful flight and started discussing where we were spending the night - we had an overnight connection. The options were staying in the airport and stay in a paying lobby with rooms and showers; staying in the airport in a specific area (Terminal 1) with no rooms for free; or try our luck in the city. After we saw the 80/120£ prices of the lobby the answer to that option became pretty clear! Going to the city didn't sound too appealing for me so we finaly agreed with the free airport thing.

So there we went to Terminal 1 and started to prepare ourselves the best we could. The "bed" I prepared looked like this:

Sleeping facilities - first version
It was comfortable enough even if I was predicting a back ache for the next day. And after a long day, even with the background noise (there was some construction work, there) I was finally falling asleep...
Something wakes me up, and I see a security guide walking towards us and he is saying that we have to move "Please, move to Gate 2, we will be there in a moment". No reason why,... and I was still too asleep to ask anything. It was around 11h15 and, half awake, we drag ourselves to the so mentioned Gate 2 and wait for someone to open the door for us... and when get inside... "Ahhhh...." (a good kind of Ahhhh), we had these waiting for us:

Sleeping facilities - second part
A number of chaise-longs were just waiting for us, and suddendly, we were completly happy with the change of venue! :)
It actually looked a bit better than what it was. With an intense lighting it was a bit difficult to convince by brain that I was supposed to sleep. But, at around 1h30, I finally did, again!...
...Until 4am when the woke us up again because they were opening the gate and we had to go somewhere else to sleep. Dragging ourselves again we just moved to the most near-by straight line of banches and trying to ignore people passing by we had our third try of falling asleep.
At 6h30 we woke up (I don't think N. actually slept a thing there) and went to our gate, stopping to get the so needed morning coffee!
With a caffe latte or a cappuccino in front of us, enjoying a bit of a fantastic sunny morning in London, we were finally ready to board the plane and get to Russia!

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