Saturday, September 29, 2012

The two largest cities

After a long time, we are connected to the World again. A few days on the train and a couple of others isolated in a small village didn't help the update of this blog.
So now I find myself facing the task of describing the experiences that we had more than one week ago. And a lot can happen in one week! ;)

Going back to Saint Petersburg, I think what stroke me the most were the canals, and the overall architecture. Opulent and luxurious is a big contrast to the idea I had with a soviet city. I know I should have thought of the Czares, of course!, but I thought recent times had left a larger mark on this city.
It will be images like this that will stick in my head.

Opening of the bridges. It even deserves a party boat to celebrate it!!

The canals with Spilled Blood Cathedral on the back (which is pretty nice)

Inside Hermitage (yeah, they liked to do it big)

Yes, he is EVERYWHERE, we heard his music even in Siberia

A view over the largest St. Petersburg Canal -» River

A view over the other side of the River

American style Matrioshkas

Moscow was a completely different city. A bit ugly, in the overall, I have to say. The highlight, for me, was the visit to a Cold War Bunker, where Isa launched a nuclear missile directed to the US and start the 3rd World War (haven't been checking the news, how's that going?). Unfortunately I lost the photos of her smile while she was doing it! Actually I lost all the photos of that day (facepalm)!
But we are three(four with Natalie) so there will be some photos to share, once we get all the photos from each other. Now, I only have one photo to share

Level -18. Getting under is getting safe
Other than that I really enjoyed the subway stations, which are, in fact, other forms of Bunkers for the population in general. Yeah, you can say the best part of Moscow is its underground which is always a bit strange. But here is why:
Subway station 1

Subway station 2

Subway station 3

Subway station 4

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