Saturday, September 14, 2013

The blue city

There are the ones that call it the Blue Ville due to its medina painted with this color, there are the others that refer to its position on top of a hill, and there are those that just call it... the city of pot! Yes, apparently our first destination is more well known among young travellers because of the high levels of consumption of marijuana, either in shishas or... whatever form it might take. The surrounding hills also have multiple plantations of the cannabis plant, for what we've heard... we looked for them (for scientific purposes alone, of course :P) on our way to Fes but couldn't find them.

But the blue, yes, the blue! We included Chefchaouen for the blue and the "artistic pictures" that I wanted to take. The photos are not that artistic, but there's a lot of blue.

They call themselves the "Blueville" :)
An ordinary street
An ordinary corner
An ordinary door
 An ordinary view. Stairs that end up in (blue) doors.
The street/stairs are more than passways, they're also an extension to the existing shops.
Blue, blue and blue.
Even at a distance it is possible to see the shades of blue here and there.
When we were leaving the city we passed by this entrance... all that is left from... someplace that no longer exists
Guess what is the main color?
Even the orange cooling recipient is blue :p

But Chefchaouen is more than the color blue (and marijuana trading). It was the place where we found the most relaxed people and a waterfall where locals and visitors alike went to refresh themselves and even dive. It was here that an Algerian woman living in Tetuan wanted to "fix" me with her still single son. It was here that someone showed us a place (after many misturnings -  they were Moroccans but not locals) where we could eat tasty creps for 4 Dinahrs (around 35cents). It was here that the shopkeepers talked with us for the pleasure of talking with us - they tried to sell their goods, of course, but they were okay when we would say no.
All and all, it was a great starting point to discover the rest of Morocco! :)

The guy with the white t-shirt was the "single" brother that they tried to hook me up with
There were many cats all around the city... and the country
André in disguise. Trying to pass as a local
The 4 Dirahms creps stall
The 4 Dirahms creps
At the entrance of the medina
Meeting the local fauna
The washing tanks, still in use

This was the area where most locals refreshed themselves
And this one where they dove and had fun
More cats... lots of cats
The colors beyond the blue
Vendors with traditional hats
The young and the old

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