Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We've arrived!

I'm writing this from home after the trip have finished as there was no time and as I didn't take a computer with me this time, the logistics were a bit more complicated. I tried to write a post on our first night in Morocco and realized the effort of doing so would be too big. However, I'll use the first paragraph (written that night) and complete it as it was actually the first night! ;)

This morning we woke up in Portugal. Several Kms later, 4 hours of driving, 2 hours of waiting for a delayed ferry, 1 hour waiting for a place in the port and... Morocco, we've arrived :) You gave it a fight, but we were more stubborn!
As we walk out of the port and start driving (our very own - for 7 days - Peugeot 206) the first signs of chaos were everywhere. People crossing the street (and when I say street I mean a semi highway!) wherever they feel like it, people walking on the side of the street, animals walking on the side of the street or even people getting a lift in unusual ways...

When the truck stopped or slowed down he would follow it on foot and then hop on it again!

But I have to confess that, after so many comments that we heard prior to coming here, I thought the Moroccan driving itself would be much worse.
On the drive to Chefchaouen, our first stop, we drove pass a few towns and could see the "street markets". Street markets as in... a carpet layed down on the floor with tons of shoes&sandals/clothes/whatever would be on top of them. Our big question of the day was "How much time does someone take to find the right pair to one shoe?" My guess would be... a lot!! But after all, this is Morocco and actually, I liked the first glimpse of it! :)

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