Monday, June 1, 2015

A swim in the lake

It was around noon when we saw Atitlan lake for the first time. Some say this is the most beautiful lake in the World. In that cloudy morning, through the window of a bouncing chicken bus, we understood why.

The views as we were descending with the village Panajachel at the bottom on the shore of the lake, the St. Pedro vulcano behind were awestrucking and, for some reason, quite peaceful. Which, with the Guatemalan music pounding in the bus, was a feat on its own!

After a scenic lunch we headed to São Pedro village and spent a most of the remaining afternoon looking for a place to stay and witnessing a long and heavy rain fall!

It was only next morning that we actually "experienced" the lake. With a Kayak and a lot of enthusiam we paddled under a beautiful sunny sky. We paddled till we reached the shore across one arm of the lake. This was basically a narrow beach that we had only for us. A beach with clear water, amazing views and a shinny sun just for us. We were so far away from London! And it felt so good! :)
I usually say that more than words are the images, but in this case that is particularly true. So I'll just post some of the photos of our time in the lake!

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