Monday, June 8, 2015

No worries, it's Belize!

It looks like a life time away (I've set the publishing date to be in line with our return from Belize but I actually wrote this much later), but at the end of our 2 week Guatelize trip, after losing our bags and getting them back, after being amazed by landscapes of amazing volcanoes, lakes and turquoise pools, after the thrill of riding a chicken bus and crazy candle light caving, after witnessing the living of humble, simple and, often time,s shy people that still has so many connections with its history and after we've been on top of the World in Tikal... after all this we found time to spend 3 days in Belize.

Basically, these were 3 days of laziness in Caye Caulker filled with walks in the small island where no road is paved and where golf carts are the only "large" vehicles, dives in 30C sea water, sun, Caribbean food, hagling for great (and touristic) souvenirs and snorkeling with turtles, and million colored fishes! The perfect end for our Guatelize adventure. Even the occasional rain (sometimes really really heavy) didn't put us off! That wouldn't be possible! We were in the "no worries" land.

As so much has passed since then, I'll let the images tell everything else for me:

Caye Caulker
The view from our room. Yes, that is the sea, just there!
"Are you gonna jump or just make faces to the camera?"
Good life! (there was no beach, but the piers were good enough)
"A run to the water?"
30ÂșC crystal clear water makes you smile like this! :)
After a hard rain fall!
Fancy a coconut? This was to remind us we're in the Caribbean!
A stroll by the sea side? Where, it was kind of always the sea side anyway! :P
Golf carts are the thing in Caye Caulker!
We even witnessed a turtle rescue! This one was hurt and couldn't swim up to open sea
"Fancy a drink? You don't even have to get out of the water!"
Our snorkeling boat trip! It was fun!
They've given us this drink that was.... well, it was just bad! :P But made us really "happy" :P
Our captains! :)
Andre giving a hand - notice the burnt marks on his back! :P
This is the lifestyle in the Caye Caulker! Just lay back and enjoy!
With a bit of humor of course! (It is humor, right?, No?, Oh damn!)
Even the dogs know it!
For me, the motto of the island! :)

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