Tuesday, October 9, 2012


For me, one of the highest points of the trans-siberian were the stops at the platforms. Not because of the fresh air or the ability to move more freely (which felt really good as well), but for the platform vendors that we could find in almost every stop.
They would sell drinks, fruit, some kind of pastries, icecreams and other traditional food (like dried fish, which I had no nerves to try, I confess). Most of them were women, not that young, many of them with a traditional scarf around their faces.
But better than words, are the images, and sometimes I felt like a stalker, trying to get the best photos...
Here are a few:

To sell something the baboushkas were always moving from one place to the other

The used many different things, from wood baskets, to buckets, to this

In some stops they tried to sell things even to the ones that didn't leave the train

Dried fish, anyone?

This lady was not selling anything in this moment, but I just liked the image

In the last stop things were a bit more organized

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