Sunday, October 14, 2012

The wall

Even before we got to Beijing we crossed this incredible monument, one of the modern 7 Wonders. It might not be visible from the moon, it is perfectly visible from the train as we cross it! And the feeling of seeing it through the window.... I have no idea how it is! I was asleep!! For a few minutes I got a bit frustrated... it's one of those things you don't wont to miss, but I knew that in less than 2 days I would have another chance to have a look. And this would be for longer than a few minutes.
So, little less than two days later.. there it was... The Wall, The Great Wall!

The first sight I had
And it was big!, huge! it went on and on and on. I knew it was thousands of kms long, but one thing is knowing it, other thing is seein it! And other is walking it... Of course I didn't walk the over 21,000 kms of it, only a few but it was enough. Seriously, I think they built it with so many ups and downs so the guards had to be fit at all times! Because they had to, no doubts!
So we walked the wall, for more than 2 hours we went one way, and than the other! It was tiring, but great! And the existent vendors spread all along the walk, make their day!
It was great, but this is the Great Wall, so I should be expecting that!

"I'm a material girl living in a material World"... even in the Great Wall
The Great Wall from the window of one of the towers

The big climb (that is my nick name for it). The tower up there was as far as I went.

And I call it climb because it was really steep!
And the last couple of stairs had a... challenging size. No doubt to keep them fit!
But the view from up there was totally wort all the sweat, pain ad tears
No kidding around on the Wall
It's proven, I was there!
How we got up there

How we came down
With multiple signs of "Slow Down" What's the fun of a tobogan if you don't do it fast?

And after everything... the reward! Don't mind the hat, please!

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