Friday, October 12, 2012

On the road (from Ulan-Ude to Ulaanbaatar)

Although the usual option is to do the entire way from Moscow to Beijing by train, to avoid the waiting in the border of many hours (we've heard reports from 6 to 11hours), we took the public bus. Around 12 hours on it including 2 hours to cross both borders.

Our bus on the outside (it actually looks better in the photo than in real life)

And the bus on the inside. I particularly like the drapes... it brings a homey feeling to it

Just after arriving to Mongolia we stopped to have lunch. We were directed to the restaurant (which was at the end of a few weird turns and narrow passage ways. It didn't look great I have to say. Actually it looked so great that me and Isa decided to put our tuna cans to use (finally!!) and with a few chips we were really happy thinking of the stomach problems we were probably avoiding.

The restaurant from the outside. The interior was a bit more strange.

Soon enough we were on the road again. We still had around 6 hours of road in front of us. And 6 hours because often enough we had to brake, sometimes stop, because of the cows/horses that were crossing the street. One time we even hit a horse on the leg :(.
All this time on the bus was great to admire the view which was slowly changing into these vast yellow landscapes ponctuated, here and there with an isolated ger (the nomads "tents"). I already knew they existed but seeing so many of them and so far from everything was an amazing thing to witness.

Using one of the stops to capture the beauty of the landscapes
The bathrooms on the stop (the yellow brick thing was for the guys)

One of the multiple gers we've seen during the trip
However, not all of us enjoyed the landscape in the same way. But that's the thing about travelling, each one has its own way of appreciating the ride ;)

Isa, admiring the landscape

Nuno, amazed by the beauty of the scenary

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