Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kimonos and other things

Even when I'm in Portugal I like to indulge myself in a few moment of People Watching. When I'm in the subway or alone in downtown. I observe the common person, tourists and those who like to be different. It's maily driven by curiosity and it's enhanced when I'm travelling, and it peaks when I'm travelling alone. So in Japan there was a lot of that. Either in the coffee shop, or when I was waiting in line for something or in the busiest places.
In Kyoto I got specially obsessed with people in Kimonos. There are many people (specially women) that still wear them. The complete set, because without the socks and the sandals... it wouldn't be right.

But Japan is much more than keeping the traditions. Specially in the largest cities, specially in Tokyo, you find fashion loving people. And the looks can range from very sexy and modern to sexy and childish. But they're always sexy.

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