Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beijing by night

I like to take photos, and even if I get hugely disappointed with most of my pictures, there are a few that I think are okay. In Beijing, some of those pictures were taken at night time. This city has a special kind of light that comes from the street food carts, or public illumination. And even if I can't share the mosts scenic images I've seen at night time (I didn't have my camera with me! :/), I leave you some of those okay images here.

A random street in Beijing
The same corner, another fruit truck
Just besides cafes and fancy shops you could find this kind of street food vendors 
The art district 798. This picture is not crooked, it's just artsy
Street lamps sometimes had this cool effects
Souvenirs or sweet potato? The choice was clear
A detail of the nest. Again, not crooked, artsy

On the olympic park

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