Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On the last train in Russia

So, when you only have a bit over 7h30 hours to sleep on a train what do you do?
You mess around, of course...
Take pictures of the weird bottom bunks safe system, make stupid faces for the camera and, most importantly, you prank the tour leader, Dmitry.

Assembling the high tech safety device (by this time it looked like a S&M thing)

Almost done. And it doesn't look much better

The first photo of Nuno's crazy eyes (which became quite frequent along the rest of the trip)
To understand the prank is important that I explain something. Dmitry sleeps in a very still position and during the 4 nights train trip we started to make a few (funny) comments on that. On this train trip we did a bit more :P

The preparation... (it was dark so I had to use a head light)

The final product - the headstone, with the months written in Russian

The final image (the photo is terrible because there was no light, it was taken in a moving train and I couldn't use a flash... and yeah, I'm making up excuses :p)
When we were trying to take better photos he woke up and we all laughed while trying not to wake up everyone around us (which was a difficult task). At the end he took the "headstone" as a souvenir :P.

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